UNited We Stand

In a time when images of killed children, terrorist attacks, poverty and violence have become an everyday reality, it seems that human suffering has reached its pinnacle. Destruction and terrorism have emerged as the norm and not the exception.

125 million people remain in need of humanitarian assistance, and over 60 million migrants have fled their homelands in search of a better future. The children of our generation who will be forced to grow up in camps and the rest, who suffer in extreme poverty, demand our urgent attention.

As the world is facing enormous challenges we must not lose hope in human solidarity and action. UN’s Agenda for Humanity and its core areas for action especially the initiatives such as “Leave no One Behind” and the quest of Ending and Preventing conflicts, are essential for providing adequate humanitarian responses to global issues.

The World Humanitarian Summit 2016 held in Istanbul, Turkey was a milestone on increasing awareness and building consciousness when it comes to humanitarian affairs. By bringing together the international community, relevant discussion was stirred on most significant issues from human security to education, from eradicating poverty to rebuilding war torn nations, from peacekeeping to fighting terrorism. This summit was certainly a step in the right direction, and I fully support such initiatives with hope that they will continue to build an atmosphere of solidarity among nations.

I would also like to express my continued support for the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) and the United Nations capacity to respond immediately, whenever and wherever a disaster strikes.

Over the last 100 years about three quarter of natural disasters were climate related. Over the past 30 years, the number of natural disasters has increased threefold. And the UN has always provided immediate action for those in need. Climate shocks such as droughts, floods and storms are already among the strongest factors driving poverty. They will become more frequent as the planet warms. But it is the world's poor that face the most urgent and severest costs. Immediate, well targeted emergency and humanitarian assistance reduces the long-term impact of these disasters and the threat they pose to our development goals.

I will continue to support all programs and initiatives by the UN aimed to find a comprehensive solution to climate change – with all parties working together to increase investment in technologies in sensible ways – so that, for example increasing production of bio-fuel crops doesn’t lead to increased food insecurity and higher prices for basic foods.

The UN has also been at the forefront in aiding millions of migrants, through the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  

As a candidate for the post of UN Secretary General, it is my ultimate cause to continue the mission of the UN and strengthen its programs to reduce exploitative practices, corruption, income inequality, and barriers that discourage innovation and entrepreneurship. I will continue to promote gender equality and elimination of violence against women and children, and support the most vulnerable and affected groups by disaster and war.

We must not forget that before we became diplomats, politicians, economists, and so forth we were humans. That must be our starting point and guiding principle in everything we do to make this world a safer and prosperous place for our children.

Happy World Humanitarian Day

 19 August 2016