The World Humanitarian Summit- Final Commentary 

With over 23 000 stakeholder participants from all around the globe, the World Humanitarian Summit represents a highly significant milestone for not only bringing together the international community but stirring discussion, encouraging change and dealing with the most problematic questions on humanitarian aid and world conflicts.

What we must take away from this Summit is the urgency and need for immediate action. We need to collaborate, adapt, work jointly in cohesion, enhance trust, foster partnerships and bridge differences in order to achieve greater efficacy.

I fully support the initiation of The Grand Bargain – A Shared Commitment to Better Serve People in Need which serves as a great foundation for “harnessing the vast experience and expertise from across the humanitarian ecosystem and bringing it into a realignment which is better prepared for tackling the emergency needs of more than 125 million people, fully recognizing the diverse needs defined by their age, gender and abilities.”

The ten most important points and principles of the Bargain that are extremely relevant for addressing humanitarian challenges of all kind include:

  1.      Greater transparency
  2.      More support and funding tools for local and national responders
  3.      Increase the use and coordination of cash-based programming
  4.      Reduce duplication and management costs with periodic functional reviews
  5.      Improve joint and impartial needs assessments
  6.      A participation revolution: include people receiving aid in making the decisions which affect their lives
  7.      Increase collaborative humanitarian multi-year planning and funding
  8.      Reduce the earmarking of donor contributions
  9.      Harmonize and simplify reporting requirements
  10.      Enhance engagement between humanitarian and development actors

We must keep these valuable principles in mind and transcribe them into commitments for action, alongside the United Nations as the driving force.