The World Humanitarian Summit- An opportunity and a task!

To hold the first ever summit on humanitarian issues is a good sign. We are finally arriving at the point of abandoning our bad conscience of ignorance and the suffering of millions of innocent people across the globe caused by wrongdoing of men which produced armed conflicts, polluted the environment to the extent of global warming and abused women and children. Now time has come to make sure "no one is left behind." This is not to be used only as a phrase but as a commandment to unroll our sleeves and get to work. 

Having said that I mean:

A. To stop and resolve the conflicts in the Middle East and Africa and other regions around the globe.

B. To fight poverty, especially in Africa, South Asia and other regions and implement all the other SDG's.

C. To improve the peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations in areas with fragile stability.

D. To fight terrorists in a relentless way where ever they show up.

E. To prevent genocide, ethnic cleansing before they get a chance to prevail by using the responsibility to protect.

F. To secure people in the areas where climate change has already proven to be in an alarming stadium such as in Bangladesh, the Island States in the Pacific, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

G. To improve human security especially of women and children.

H. To raise the level of education wherever it needs to be done.

I. To protect and accommodate refugees and migrants in a dignified way which is a basic humanitarian affair.

So many tasks! Yes, indeed!

It is a challenge, it is an imperative and it is a MUST!

I stand ready to be on the frontline of this struggle and lead within the UN framework if I am elected UN Secretary General.

We must build an army of people across the globe stronger than all the heavy polluters, war lords, smugglers, criminals and other evil bearers!

And our message should be firm: