United Nations Day 

193 nations for 71 years have managed to lift up the United Nations from the ground up to represent the single most unilateral body that encompasses diversity, humility, and unity. The pillars of the United Nations have always rested on human rights and freedom, concepts that are not only worthy of attainment but rather essential for human existence.

In an era where terrorism, extremism and violence have escalated, the earth has accumulated the effects of climate change; poverty and famine have become the norm and not the exception it seems that human suffering has reached its pinnacle. Nevertheless, hope and solidarity remain the only solution to any state of desperation.

Throughout the years many have posed the question, has the United Nations been efficient in responding to such emerging world challenges or is the UN simply failing? I would dare respond that all organizational shortcomings are a sign not of weakness but rather an honest struggle, a struggle for improvement, for greater efficacy and most of all for multilateralism. In the United Nations we have come to know the implication of struggle not as a symbol of failure, but rather as a transformation into strength and functionality.

However, I revert to something everyone should be asking instead; can we imagine a world today without the United Nations? A global scene with no significant resolutions from the Security Council, no sustainable development goals, no agenda 2030, no policies and initiatives on the elimination of violence against women and children, poverty reduction, no peacekeeping and peacebuilding missions, and so on and so forth. Can we truly grasp a community without the existence of the United Nations that incorporates multiculturalism, humanitarianism, and multilateralism singlehandedly?

I myself cannot imagine such thing.

Let us join in the effort together to create a better world for our future generations.

Happy UN Day  

24 October 2016