United Nations Day 

Message by Dr. Kerim 

The founders of the UN undoubtedly had a vision: to make the UN a centerpiece of multilateralism. As we mark the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations, one might ask, has this noble goal been fully accomplished?

To embrace 193 nations under the UN umbrella is certainly a remarkable achievement, keeping in mind that at the very beginning in San Francisco, in the initiation stage, the UN represented an assembly of 51 states. Today, the United Nations is a symbol of diversity, a driver of global partnerships. It is the only international organization that reaches global universality and encompasses all nations of the world. 

Nevertheless, the inclusivity of all member states does not automatically guarantee an impeccable quality of international relations. Multilateralism is a multifaceted and above all a complex set of relationships among countries. However, such challenges are welcomed and embraced, because true improvement, reform and progress occur amidst difficult and demanding circumstances. 

In today’s world of political turmoil and crises, the UN has managed to solidify clear goals for the creation of a better global community. It has served to codify as well as develop international law, establish international norms and standards for the protection of human rights, initiate a fight for the eradication of poverty, and it has managed to resolve conflicts and restore stability via its current 16 peacekeeping missions and a special political mission to Afghanistan. Most importantly, it has paved the way for the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals and subsequently the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Despite all of the setbacks and challenging times, it is safe to conclude that the UN has always been and still remains the Cradle of Multilateral Cooperation. 

The United Nations today is the voice of humanity, of the people and of the globe.

The United Nations is the guardian of peace and security and the steward of human rights. 

Happy 70th Anniversary

24 October 2015