Tolerance Day: Let Tolerance Pave the Way

Message by Dr Kerim

Today, our security has been threatened. Humanity has been attacked. We hear the outcries from Paris, but we are all Paris. Today we are one world, under one nation and we grieve. We grieve that our most valued, our most precious, our people have suffered so violently. 

As we mourn the unspeakable acts of terrorism on innocent civilians in Paris, we cannot help but wonder how much more lament and violence can our world endure? 

This horrendous act of jihadist terror reminds us once again of the necessity to organize a worldwide coalition of antiterrorism with the UN as its centerpiece, especially on law enforcement and cyber attacks.

Suffering and war begins when the “perception of the pain of others” ends. It is a vicious cycle that must come to a stop. If we are to fight terrorism we must aim at its core, we cannot simply focus on killing the frogs, without draining the pond. 

We all know that peace is the supreme value of every civilization and every society. In this regard peace and stability are the prerequisites for all other ideals, which have been accepted as basic principles of states and nations: democracy, freedom, rule of law, human rights, minority rights and market economy.

The reassessment of the concept of enemy, alignments based on issues rather than ideology, the concept of stakeholders and finally a decision-making based on equality and human rights are certainly crystallizing a new paradigm based on patience, open-mindedness, partnership and courtesy. 

Thus everything begins with tolerance, as an acceptance of another's right to difference. It is a display of mutual understanding, recognition and respect, which disarms forces of oppression and persecution.

We all must learn that differences in ideas, attitudes and cultures enrich humankind, they are values to be celebrated, not something to be feared. The time has come for humanity to stop tolerating intolerance. Let us allow peace to flourish by practicing tolerance within and outside our communities.

16 November 2015