How to Fight Poverty 

Message by Dr. Kerim

Acknowledging the relevance of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, poverty stands out as a stark reminder of the fundamental values and priorities of today. Ticking like a clock in our consciousness, it reminds us of the importance and urgency in addressing this pending matter.   

What remains a great irony in today’s contemporary world where we witness the thrive of technology, innovation, scientific research and modern architecture, on this same planet 836 million people live in extreme poverty and spend their daily lives in less than humane living conditions earning $1.25 per day. 

Poverty is at the core of migration, pandemic diseases and malnutrition, low educational standards, social discrepancies and economic instabilities. There is no single Sustainable Development Goal which is not interrelated with the eradication of poverty. 

Employment is the imperative of today’s century, especially because everyone is deserving of the right to work. This is an important dimension of human rights globally. We should reconsider the stereotype of the donor and recipient paradigm when it comes to fighting poverty. Instead we should participate in creating opportunities for the young generation to attain adequate employment and for the senior citizens to retire with dignified living standards. 

Supporting the SDG’s means creating a foundation for a better humanity and implementing them signifies another great opportunity for building global partnerships.

Poverty must not remain a story of the 21st century. 

 1 October 2015