International Day of UN Peacekeepers

There is something very synonymous that echoes behind the notion of PEACEKEEPING that includes a sentiment of stability, multilateralism, cooperation, dialogue, security and most of all humanity.

I truly believe that one of the most important pillars of the United Nations system, that I have placed high on my priority agenda and in my candidacy Manifesto for the post of UN Secretary General is the peacekeeping dimension, in every technical, financial, logistical and practical sense.

I want to highlight the relevance of the Peacekeeping operations which create conditions for stability, facilitate a route for sustainable peace, aid in the process of restoration, disarmament, demobilization and assimilation in the regions threatened by conflict.  The Peacekeeping missions as such contribute for building synergies, establishing collaborations and important allegiances between different stakeholders relevant for maintaining peace and security globally.

The demand for peacekeeping operations and troop deployment has increased exponentially, as we are facing increased threats to our security. Today there are over 120 countries contributing to peacekeeping, with over 125, 000 field personnel. This network of professionals and member states that support them is truly remarkable and deserves our utmost appreciation. Nevertheless, it also requires an adequate strengthening of the capacity of the United Nations to mount and sustain peacekeeping operations.

As the only institution vested with global authority, the United Nations must devote enough time, energy, and resources in always strengthening and supporting the peacebuilding and peacekeeping dimension of its system. We have to start realizing that we can only gain if others gain, and not at the expense of hurting each other. We need to comprehend that it is in each and every nation's interest to act in collaboration, and with the spirit of cooperation.

The challenges of tomorrow and of the ever-more interdependent world generate the need for reshaping the policies of the UN. This reshaping should follow some of the core principles that have been importantly developed within the UN system, and that now call for their further development and enactment in practice. Among these crucial principles of tomorrow are human security, respect for human rights and responsibility to protect.

Let us celebrate all UN Peacekeepers, and not let the damaging effects of some, pollute and undermine the tremendous success of others. For we must measure achievement as a whole.