Obituary for Shimon Peres

I had met the honorable Shimon Peres in three professional capacities as Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Germany, as Foreign Minister and as President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Shimon was the architect of the diplomatic relations between Israel and Macedonia, and regardless of Israel’s complex political situation and its problems with its neighboring states, he was an amazingly realistic politician, always firm, detailed and determined to resolving intricate problems. In my experience, Shimon was certainly a man of great candor and depth.  

On his invitation, as President of the UN General Assembly, I visited Israel in 2008 and on that occasion we discussed many issues. During that visit we concluded that there is a solution to the complex Israel- Palestine relations which will ensure peace and stability in the Middle East. Shimon certainly paved the way for such resolutions and will remain known as Israel’s true warrior for peace. This is the great legacy that he leaves to the future Israeli leaders.

May he rest in peace. 

28 September 2016