Middle East Peace Initiative in Paris

On French initiative an international meeting was organized in Paris with Foreign Ministers of 28 countries and international organizations. The agenda encompassed re-launching of the Israeli -Palestinian peace process.

France is currently presiding over the UN Security Council and ipso facto authorized to suggest discussions of such issues which pose a threat to global peace and security. In addition, French diplomacy has essentially contributed to making a breakthrough on the climate change agenda after a stalemate which has lasted for years.

I am aware that these two issues have nothing in common however, there is a way of drawing comparison based on the fact that skillful diplomacy can open doors of opportunities once it is given a chance. This French initiative deserves such credit.

It goes without saying that the two major actors in the Middle East conflict are the Israelis and the Palestinians. But they are not the only one.

I firmly believe that they have to negotiate based on the principle: where there is a will there is way. This concept is the key to resolving the complicated equation. However, there are other aspects of the scope of this conflict which should not be neglected.

The resolution of the Syrian conflict, the resolution of the crisis spots from Libya to Yemen, management of the migration issue which is a burden for Lebanon as well as for the whole region represent relevant issues that need to be addressed at once.

The complexity of the problem is more than evident which should encourage the involved parties to start negotiations rather sooner than later.

Israel's concern and reserve is based on security considerations. And one cannot contest that to be a relevant element from their point of view.

If this is so, why not use the wisdom of the past when the principle "peace for land" was the approach in the negotiations. This time one could define it as “security for statehood.”

There are actually many segments of the very complex Middle East conflict ‎which have to be discussed. This is exactly the main reason why the French initiative deserves to be not only supported but also transformed into a roadmap with the final goal of setting up the two-state solution.

For those who are skeptical, there is a reminder. The alternative is another war. And mu response to that is: Haven’t we had enough of fighting and bloodshed in the Middle East and elsewhere?

It is not about imposing an agenda but rather creating conditions for lasting peace and security in a region which deserves certainly a better destiny then to bleed constantly and to let its people suffer endlessly.

7 June 2016