UNited Against Terrorism

Message by Dr. Kerim 

In response to the adopted resolution by the UN Security Council on November 20th 2015, where the “15-member body declared the group’s terrorist attacks abroad ‘a global and unprecedented threat to international peace’ I commend the UN Security Council for its determination to erase terrorism in the face of ISIL.

It is high time to confront this threat to global peace before it starts to penetrate as urban guerilla corroding the security and stability of humanity.

The United Nations and other international or regional organizations have to fight against such terrorism and violence sooner rather than later.

The response must be decisive and clear: We do not and will not accept a world based on terrorist methods, political extremism and intolerance of "others."

Global communities have always been and must remain a variety of political, cultural and religious entities and groups.

This is why the UN was created 70 years ago and it will continue to play its major role as guardian of peace and security NO MATTER WHO and ON WHAT BASIS tries to destroy the world order.

22 November 2015

UN Photo/Rick Bajornas
UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein (Homepage)