ZERO Tolerance Against Terrorism

In the midst of many challenges the world is facing, we have witnessed more deadly attacks and terrorism than we can possibly overcome. Lahore, Brussels, Ankara have been the targets to violence, but the sorrow and condemnation transcends further, to each nation and human being equally.

Combating terrorism must remain one of UN's top priorities. Unambiguous message of zero tolerance against terrorism is the first step in this direction as well as the adoption of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism.

As threats to peace and security have become more complex, unpredictable and undefined it is more than necessary to strengthen the counter terrorism front. The Counter Terrorism Strategy was a major priority during my presidency of the UN General Assembly and now it becomes an absolute urgency which has forced the UN to reflect on ways to deal with new actors and networks across borders and beyond the purview of any one State. The united stand of the General Assembly in this regard will demonstrate solidarity by the international community in condemning and confronting terrorism.

We must realize the necessity to engage the United Nations in combating terrorism on a global scale by an all encompassing approach which implies that nationalism is not the answer. Neither is closing boarders. Instead of embracing nationalism as a reaction to intensified terrorist attacks we should demonstrate our abilities to look beyond our narrow boundaries to pursue the common anti-terrorist front under the UN banner. As a result, global security and combating terrorism requires substantial and comprehensive intelligence cooperation across the board. 

28 March 2016