Africa is always on my mind

Message by Dr Kerim

What makes me particularly sensitive when it comes to Africa? I have had fruitful cooperation with African diplomats in my 30 years long career in multilateral diplomacy through the Non-Aligned Movement, G-77, UNCTAD and during my activities in the UN framework. 

Times have changed. The world has changed. Africa is changing. 

The continent that has faced a turbulent history of oppression, colonial yokes and racial discrimination, has become a champion on international level representing one fourth of UN membership, becoming an equal partner in shaping global affairs and last but not least taking care of its own destiny and future by promoting its own integration through the African Union.

I commend the African Union for placing human rights so high on its agenda because I firmly believe that real progress is not possible without creating a value chain which is composed of human rights, entrepreneurship sustainable development and nation building! These are inseparable stations on the roadmap to progress!

Listening attentively to the African leaders during the Addis Ababa Summit I noticed full coincidence of their priorities with my own for the UN agenda such as human rights and women’s empowerment, sustainable development, climate change, eradication of poverty, the security architecture, migration. 

And I don't want to take it as a credit for myself but rather as an additional impetus for my endeavor to pursue a UN agenda which fully corresponds with the interest of its member states.

I cannot imagine the United Nations without a strong and united Africa. 

2 February 2016