A historic agreement will inspire more action and bolster cooperation

Message by Dr Kerim

To define the outcome of the Paris Climate Change Summit as "a historic agreement" is not an exaggeration. For those who will write history it will be a turning point in the way how mankind decided to cope with the impacts of pollution caused by human activities. And it is much more than that! 

The international community has realized that sustainable development and climate change go hand in hand. To tackle global warming without harming economic growth, especially those who are still on their way to become developed, is only possible by using renewable energy. And that again is not achievable without innovations and technology transfer of clean energy sources and solutions.

We can neither solve global warming in isolation nor address future challenges by using yesterday’s tools. We need to act united and work hard on creating new ones. 

Therefore, we can definitely say that Paris is a milestone and a lighthouse for a more comprehensive international cooperation in an area which will play a key role in shaping the life of future generations, including the planet’s non-human inhabitants in terms of a sound environment and globally sustained development. 

Congratulations to all participants, to the host country France and last but not least to the United Nations! 

6 December 2015