Enough IS Enough

Message by Dr Kerim

Launching a rocket which can be used as a weapon of mass destruction and nuclear bombs only one month after the UN SC condemned the hydrogen bomb test is not an act of defiance. It is a completely irresponsible and provocative behavior of a regime which simply ignores the fact that is a member of the UN.

Ignoring UN resolutions, international conventions and breaching all the rules and provisions of the UN is a case which requires more than adoption of Security Council resolutions which qualify such an act of violence of international law and threat to peace and security. 

The UN General Assembly must also raise its voice and defend the dignity of the UN. Moreover, to make clear that such inconsiderate acting may cause a spiral of reactions of countries in Eastern Asia which will complicate the security situation ‎in this part of world. 

DPRK must be warned and resolutely condemned by the GA and be asked to curb this volatile activities which are detrimental to its own international position, regional security and world peace.  


(UN Photo/Nagasaki International Cultural Hall)