In the Name of Sports and Music Let us Eliminate Hatred

The latest shootings in Orlando, Florida and the accidents in Marseille, France during the Euro 2016 opening soccer match have made me think of how anger and hatred are spreading so rapidly and corrosively like plague.  It is truly alarming, appalling and sad for humanity. 

Music and sports definitely belong to those human activities which make people across the globe happy and bring them closer together.

However, these days we are facing once again insane acts of violence, brutality and aggression by hooligans and individuals filled with hatred which are a serious warning to all of us, especially politicians.

This uncivilized acting is not only an individual's misbehavior but rather a reflection of political concepts based on hatred of minorities especially the gay population, disregard of "others', ignorance of other values different than our own, and euphoric nationalism insisting on "our puritan standards.”

These ideologies and abuse of religion, alongside other alienating factors generate this evil behavior and hate which is embraced by some young people worldwide.

It is high time for all those who are responsible to get back to sobriety and ‎stop feeding and poisoning the political climate.

People love music, people love sports and these are rare universal values which connect us and therefore we should not spare efforts to spread them worldwide. Let us eliminate hatred ‎and violence from within and revert back to peace and harmony.

The UN system especially organizations such as UNESCO and others must spread such sentiments of unity in order to curb and eliminate disruptive, corrosive and violent behavior.

As for now, let us cheer and rejoice for music and for sports!

Spread the sentiment of humanity and inclusion.

14 June 2016