Uniting Efforts to Create Solutions-IOM and the UN

Ahead of the High Level Summit on Refugees and Migrants to be hosted by the United Nations General Assembly on 19 September 2016, I want to fully support and applaud the adopted resolution to make the International Organization for Migration (IOM) part of the UN system. 

The complexity of migration and the refugee crisis is too large and significant for only one state or organization to handle on its own. Rather it requires joint effort, shared responsibility, and united support from different actors and stakeholders around the globe. Multilateralism is surely essential when it comes to addressing and resolving the massive movement of thousands of people from their homelands.

I fully agree with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s statement that “Migration is at the heart of the new global political landscape and its social and economic dynamics. At a time of growing levels of migration within and across borders, a closer legal and working relationship between the United Nations and IOM is needed more than ever.” Such decisions and efforts speak to the fact that collaboration is the key in reaching effective solutions especially in such delicate circumstances.

I also applaud all efforts that IOM has undertaken in aiding over 20 million migrants and I truly believe that this resolution will only serve as a paradigm for building strong and close relationships between the UN and its other partnering organizations. Essentially, partnerships lead to long lasting results.

Recognizing both the United Nations and IOM as indispensable and leading actors in dealing with migration and refugees, I believe that such collaborations can strengthen not only the UN system as a whole, but can enhance cooperation and broaden the spectrum of stakeholders that aid and create lasting solutions to global challenges.  

26 July 2016