The word "revolution" marked the 20th century. I say “the word” intentionally because of my sincere doubts whether all revolutions deserve to be defined accordingly.

The October Revolution of 1917 which resulted in the formation of the Soviet Union ‎did not have a glorious end. The socialist revolution in Yugoslavia ended in bloodshed and total disarray. Interestingly enough, the Cuban revolution is still the trademark of Cuba. And again Cuba is inseparable from its indisputable leader Fidel Castro.

Now "El Chefe y El Commandante" is deceased. And the controversies which mark his death are exactly the same which ‎were assembling the history of all these revolutions. Some people were following blindly the dogma which was preaching "the human face and equal opportunities of socialism." Others again were totally upset accusing the regime of hypocrisy as well as dictatorship. This is why sorrow in the capital Havana is confronted with joy and relief in "Little Havana" in Miami. Cubans versus Cubans. And Fidel Castro is the cause of it.

Fidel’s charisma has made Cuba an important player on the international stage, in Latin America and in Africa especially. My generation in Europe, particularly the leftist had an admiration for the Cuban revolution. Although Che Guevara was predominant, most probably because of his revolutionary struggle which was not related to the functioning of the Cuban state but rather with guerilla in various Latin American countries.

Castro joined the Non-aligned movement and tried to persuade the ‎young generations across the globe that "revolution can be exported."Che Guevara was the symbol for the paradigm.

He died young, Fidel reached a high age. Their lives epitomized the ‎destiny of the revolutionary movement they were representing. Idealistic views correspond with young age including the right of illusions. High age does not tolerate it.

However, Fidel never gave up. He used all his authority to convince the Cuban people a revolution is the best option for them.

History will make final judgment.

Fidel Castro made history in his own way. And nobody can deny that.

May he rest in peace.

May Cuba live in peace and prosperity and decide about its future.

27 November 2016