World Environment Day

The global response to climate change is probably the key contemporary issue that bridges together economics, sovereignty, geographical positioning, politics, sustainable development and the private sector. It is a global issue with significant economic ramifications. The cruel irony of climate change lies in the fact that nations least responsible for it would be affected the most.  The effects consequently would hinder economic growth and the efforts to reduce poverty.

In an effort to preserve our environment, we must focus on several essential issues in particular the reduction of gas emissions and the creation of appropriate mechanisms. Furthermore, control of the carbon markets could deliver investment in low carbon economic growth. Such a framework offers ample opportunities for the private sector to develop new technologies and energy solutions that would meet the future needs of our planet.

As the global economy is undergoing a profound transformation, involving fundamental changes in trading patterns and the use of technology, it has also brought forth radical changes to the economic and political power across the world.

The big challenge today, particularly for the private sector, is to develop technologies that have minimal impacts on the environment and the climate.    

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are an integral component of all aspects of our ‘networked’ societies and economies. They will have a huge role in achieving these objectives.

ICTs can provide the opportunity to mobilize our ingenuity by accelerating the development of new technologies that put us on the path to sustainable development and low carbon growth. ICTs are clearly important tools, catalysts, and instruments that can contribute to the preservation of our environment and the stabilization of the world’s climate. But like all tools, success depends as much on how we use them as who has them.

Another relevant aspect that we must keep in mind is the commitment and dedication towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations along its agencies, the private sector, all involved stakeholders and the citizens of the world can collaborate together in producing lasting results and preserving our environment.

Happy World Environment DAY

Let us all take care of the planet that we inhabit