Book 'Globalization and Diplomacy: In Search of A Better World' by Macedonia's Candidate for UN Secretary-General Dr Srgjan Kerim Promoted in New York  

The book of Macedonia's candidate for the post of UN Secretary-General Dr. Srgjan Kerim titled 'Globalization and Diplomacy: In Search of a Better World' was promoted Wednesday afternoon in New York City. Top UN diplomats, ambassadors, academics and journalists attended the book promotion.

Hugh Dugan, an international affairs scholar and a former delegate of the United States of America to the United Nations, and Raghida Dergham, a Lebanese-American journalist, senior diplomatic correspondent for Al-Hayat, commentator on CNN and founder of the 'Beirut' institute, spoke in regards to Dr. Srgjan Kerim's book.

Professor Dugan pointed out that Dr. Kerim's work reestablishes the meaning of multilateralism as a concept in political relations, diplomatic affairs and global challenges.

"By redefining the meaning of multilateral relations, Dr. Kerim's work represents a precursor of his ambitious ideas and innovative proposals on restructuring and reforming the UN", Dugan noted.

Dergham added that the Macedonian candidate for the UN Secretary-General post enjoys a great reputation in the UN.