“Srgjan Kerim has given us a wonderful surprise. After his years-long stellar career as a committed statesmen, politician and world-class diplomat, now, in his mature days, after a string of successes in the spheres of public domain, he comes to us with a handful of poetic rhymes which I do believe will equally draw the attention of the common readership (those poetry aficionados) as well as that of the literary criticism.

My first impression was that these works do withstand also the much harsher literary arbitration, primarily by the fact that they barely show any of the trademarks of novice poetic experimentation, which in turn means that we are immediately faced with a culture set on the principles of lyric rumination and discovery, followed by a strong sense of composition, and a firm grasp of technique, which relies on the use of all of the poetic attributes”

Paskal Gilevski